Saga Lundqvist

SOS Barnbyar


A Hyper Island student proposal to SOS Children's villages in association with Doberman, 2012.

Role: Concept, Design/Logo, Prototyping, User Testing, User research, Project Manager.

Brief: Engage and make urban young connected people (Hipsters age 20–35) a long lasting relationship with SOS Children's villages.

Insights: We based the solution on two insights. 
1 Together we can make dreams come true and make kids future better.
2 Hipsters want to donate when it’s easy and when they dont know – they are lazy.

Solution: We created our concept Donate your dream around the idea that our target group donate when they don’t know. Eg when they buy second hand clothes or when they buy a fairtrade hipster coffee. 


So what can be more easy than donate when you’re sleeping? The Dream collector is an application that collect your dreams while you sleep and recalculate your sleepcurve to money that you can donate. You'll also get your dream visualized. It’s easy – you set the alarm, go to sleep and wake up and donate your dream to the kids at SOS Children's villages. 

You can see your dream visualized on our microsite and chose if you want to merge it with other peoples dreams to make an unique artwork.

A collaboration together with Lise Skovsted Larsen, Thomas Tessier, Daniel Piquer Pallas, Jorge Sierra Rodriguez.